Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm going to take a break with Over Rule for a bit. I have some ideas for new things but I'm asking you what you think I should do. Here are the options:

Castles: The kingdom has been taken over by the evil queen and the prince, his tree nymph servant, a villager, and a mage are trying to take it back and save the princess!

Kraken Bay: Lana, captain of The Kiwi, and leader of the villagers of Omicron Bay, must defend her people from the Chi Cave people.

Au bord de le mer: 5 girls, one secret. They're mermaids. With tails and everything. They face giant squid, evil witches, and the vicious Zoey, queen of the school.

Lost: 4 people go missing at sea. 3 wash up on shore of a seemingly uninhabited island. So why was the missing one sitting with them an hour later?

The deadline for votes is Febuary 1.
(might be animated, working on skill)