Sunday, October 9, 2011

Endless Ocean

Kiwi Sandro by Angie Sandro 2008

This story is a dream I had.
I was packing my bag to leave my grandparents house. My dad had come to pick us up in a rusty old car. My brother and I piled into the back and my dad started to pull out, but stopped. There was a little girl in the road. My dad got out of the car and walked to the girl and pulled her to the side.
“What’s your name?” My dad asked
“Chloe” She answered and then my dad led her to the car and she got in.
 At the moment, four or five other kids jumped in too.  
The next thing I knew I was on a raft made of giant leaves. Six people could be held in back, and then there was a spot for two people to sit. I sat in front; I was in the peddler position.  I looked around and saw that the earth looked like when in Ponyo, the place flooded.  There were islands scattered and the sky had pink, blue, and purple clouds; and the sky and sea mirrored each other.  A friend of mine was in the navigator position and started pointing towards a valley.
“It looks like the sea goes on forever” I said in amazement.

A girl swimming (uh, or drowning)

I peddled my legs faster, and leaned everywhere, just to keep my balance. It was very hard to drive, but I got the hang of it and we passed through the valley. Ahead, we saw other rafts and we turned into a store. I saw the store clerks moving the items higher up, so they wouldn’t get wet.  We passed a lady getting bread and I saw a sign the read:
 3 ft deep. Walk here
 So I pulled my legs out of the leg slots in the raft and slid into the water. I grabbed the edge of the leaf and struggled through the water.  We saw that the store was slanted and the water got shallower and shallower, until we got to an open door at the end. We dragged the raft to a muddy clearing and saw storm clouds above. I looked around and saw a slope path and suddenly was wearing an old-fashioned dress, with a ton of white cloth to poof it up. I sighed and slid down.
I looked to see everyone else slide down and was in my normal clothes again. We turned to the sound of a river and let out sighs and groans. It was a white-water rapids river. We could never cross! We would sink eventually. On the bright side, the sun had come out and we sat on the sand and let the sun warm out backs.

I got up and slid into the water.  I washed up and someone said to get out and I said I was ok here. How wrong I was. I was pulled back and got to the center where an Island was. I looked down and saw a perfect stick. It was long and thick. It looked like smooth ivory and I grabbed it and dug it in the ground and long jumped to the shore.
I let out a shriek as I saw a mutant spider next to one person’s hand.
“Should I crush it?” I whisper squeakily
“Sure” Someone said
I wacked at it and missed. The spider hissed, puffed up and its four yellow blobs on its back shot out a substance and I hit at it until I crushed it.
And this is where my dream ends: Kiwi Sandro