Monday, May 21, 2012


By my brother: Max. Tonight (5/20/12) he reviewed: Club Penguin. I say it’s a game for little children. It’s a soft way of entering kids to the internet. I’ll have an interview, and a list of his notes.



·         Improved friend list

·         Good mini game


·         There are still many member rooms

·         Bad music

·         Misleading graphics

·         Nonmembers forced to be naked or to wear bad clothes

·          King Dragon battle is members only

·         Bad dancing

·         Bad ninja card game

Now the interview:

Kiwi: So Max, why did you decide to review Club Penguin?

Max: I wanted to see how horrible it was today.

Kiwi: Horrible? Didn’t you want to see if it got better?

Max: I wanted to, but, they did not improve it at all. Except for the friends list.

Kiwi: (laugh) I can tell. But, is it good for little kids?

Max: Good for little kids.

Kiwi: So, what age limit would you set for Club Penguin?

Max: Quit when you’re 8.

Kiwi: Bit blunt. Age range.

Max: 5-8.

Kiwi: Give or take. But that’s all for today! See ya next time for: ROBLOX