Hello I'm Kiwi. I love to draw (especially manga), read, write, listen to music, going
to my Movie Production, and be very weird. Some (most) of the pictures made on
the computer are old. I'm better at drawing now. I want to be able to animate
movies, but its extremely hard so i work on comics (which you shall see on this blog)
and plan them in my head.
I buy lots of manga drawing books and all my knowledge
goes and this mixing pot of learning. This is a really long about me isnt it?
Well theres not much left to say except, please be nice with your comments.
Tell me on what I need to improve on, but nicely. I'll work on it.
I'm not perfect, I'm still growing. It's my pleasure to show my work to you!


  1. Hey Kiwi, awesome drawings! I don't think there's much room left to improve there- I know I can't draw that good!
    -Halien (aka Haley)

  2. I like your work. It takes a lot of creativity to do what you do.